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The product name:NN30series

Cylindrical roller and raceway for line contact bearings. Load capacity is big, mainly bear radial load. Ring wall and rolling friction small, suitable for high-speed rotation. According to the ring with or without rim, NN30 series double row cylindrical roller bearing inner ring and outer ring is separable structure, the outer rim, on both sides of the inner ring has a guard in the middle. Allows axis relative bearing seat between two directions in axial displacement.

High precision: Wuxi BRQ using a made-up high precision grinding technology, the production of precision double row cylindrical roller bearing is mainly for P5, P4 level precision, accuracy is very high, guarantees the precision machining accuracy of NC machine tools.

Low fever: Wuxi BRQ using reduce the roughness of bearing groove, the groove and roller friction between the reduced to the lowest, thus greatly reduces the bearing the calorific value of high-speed spinning.

Long life: Wuxi BRQ Using special grinding technology, materials and heat treatment technology, promote this series of bearing fatigue life of 2-3 times, normal use at least 24 months or more.

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