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The product name:70series

Spindle bearing is a high-precision single row angular contact ball bearings, Wuxi BRQ has the most mature and most comprehensive used for machine tool spindle high precision bearings, represents the highest performance technical level. BRQ bearings with high precision, ultra-high speed, high rigidity, vibration and other small performance. Machine tool spindle bearings are divided into sealed spindle bearings and open direct lubrication bearings, spindle bearings are high-precision functional components, it is easy to damage caused by the environment, such as pollution and air flow. Appropriate amount of grease and lubricant selection is also a direct impact on the life of the machine tool key, because the life of the lubricant is the service life of the bearing. 

Spindle bearing is by the entity inner ring and outer ring, ball, and entity window cage single row angular contact ball bearing. Spindle bearings can not be split. Bearings are divided into open and enclosed design. The tolerance range of spindle bearings is very small. They are very suitable for high orientation precision and high speed condition of the bearing arrangement. It is proved that they are very suitable for machine tool spindle bearing arrangement. 

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