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BRQ Bearing for Specialise Sector
  SUS304, 440C Standard Steel Bearings, Thermo-Plastic Housing Units with Stainless Steel Insert are one of the standard inventories of BRQ. Our expertise in "out of the ordinary" application bearings, design range from Special conveyor Bearings. Clean Room, Pharmaceutical Chemical, Food Processing to Automation etc, can be developed and supply.

BRQ Bearing for Industrial Sector
  BRQ has produced many standard and specialised types of ball and roller bearings under Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) and International Standardlization Organisation (ISO). BRQhas achieved a renowed reputation for providing a comprehensive range of Inventory that supports (JIT) "Just In Time" Services to our Worldwide Distribution Network.
The continual imporvement of product quality along with technical development of future designs, applications and businesses faciliate our mission of "Competitive Price Level" and "Excellent Quality".

BRQ Bearing for Agriculture Sector
  BRQ Pillow Block Unit is one of our most reputed products that marks our achievement. Supplying to OEMs and replacement market with metric and imperial sizes, and also with a special grease nipple that allows better ways for maintenance.

BRQ Bearing for OEM Sector
  BRQ provide a wide range of auto bearing, such as wheel hub bearing, wheel bearing, the drive bearing and water pump bearings, reasonable price, excellent quality.

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