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Enterprise Mission :Beautify life by technology

Enterprise Spirit : Honesty,thanksgiving ,cooperation,respect and sharing.

1) Honesty : honesty as first in one hundred virtues, faith as basis in one hundred things,honesty is the core of beautifing life by technology.

2) thanksgiving : Dripping of grace, animals are reported, thanksgiving and gratitude are the principal of beautifing life by technology .

3) Cooperation :Many hands make light work,the Chinese character "people" structure seems like two people are supporting each other. all-win in cooperation is the key of doing a deed.

4) Respect :establish the enterprise culture of respecting each other,let everyone feel great ,lofty and pride ,and feeling the significance of life in work.

5) Sharing :the biggest wisdom of one person is sharing with other people.Only sharing thought have power,a group cannot grow up without sharing.

Enterprise objective :

For customer :cooperation and all-win,grow up together.

For shareholder: highly responsible,long-acting return.

For staff :learn and training,achieve ego.

For society :focus on the environmental protection,return society.

Enterprise concept :

Operating concept: based on honesty, creating amount by integrity,innovation,diverse cooperation.

Managing concept :Scientific, marketization, systematic,condensate people`s hearts by culture,control humanity by systerm.

Talents concept :professional ,internationalization,1+1>2.Partnership is complementary as well as equal,the premise of complementary is all-win.

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